About us

  • In 2003 we started with the first practice sessions in the woods of Amsterdam.
  • In 2008 we joined the Amstelveense Rugby Club and participated for the first time in the Bingham Cup, the world’s biggest LGBTQ+ rugby tournament
  • In 2011 we had the honor to host the European version, the Union Cup in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.
  • In 2012 we scored our first Bingham Cup try in Manchester.
  • In 2014 we won our first Bingham Cup matches in Sydney and were honored with the Ben Cohen StandUp Award for excellent sportsmanship in rugby
  • In 2018 we hosted the Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 with more than 64 men and women teams, the biggest edition in the history of tournament. This was also the first time the tournament was organized on continental Europe and had a women’s tournament.
  • We are currently qualified in the top tier of LGBT rugby worldwide.

The ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders are overseen
by a board currently consisting of

  • Chairman: Pieter Lokman
  • Secretary & Marketing Communications Manager: Trevor Leslie
  • Treasurer and Sponsorship manager: Bastiaan Westerhout
  • Team manager: Thom Dijkstra
  • Event manager: Sameh Sibai
  • Supporter manager: Gideon Querido van Frank