Naked Lowlander Calendar 2020

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Naked Lowlander Calendar 2020 door Quality Calls

A calendar with a particular spin: embracing diversity in a world dominated by stereotypes. The goal of this calendar is to raise funds to participate in the biennial inclusive world rugby cup, the Bingham Cup, which will be organized in 2020 in Ottawa, Canada. The Lowlanders calendar is a reference to the inclusiveness of sport and rugby culture where there is room for everyone without pursuing a body idealized by today’s society.

Photographer and player Henri Verhoef had his teammates pose at the Allard Pierson Museum: “There is no sport as inclusive as rugby. Large, small, muscular, thick, juicy, long, thin: it is a sport where there is literally room for everyone. In this calendar we show that there is no real ideal image. The players are photographed as sculptures that show that there can be strength in vulnerability, and cohesion in diversity.”

Pieter Lokman, chairman of Amsterdam Lowlanders: “Once every two years, more than ninety gay rugby teams from around the world come together for one of the largest LGBT + amateur rugby tournaments in Rugby Union, the Bingham Cup. To get our entire team, including those who cannot afford such a trip to Canada, this year, our members have been working diligently on this calendar. Passion is one of the core values of rugby, as well as respect, companionship and 100% commitment. Since 2003, the Lowlanders have been offering LGBT + people the opportunity to develop these sides of themselves, to be part of the global rugby family and to feel that there is room for everyone in this rugged sport. "

The calendar can be purchased here starting from November 2019 for 17,50 euro.

Concept & Photography: Henri Verhoef

Creative Direction: Bart van Merode & Henri Verhoef

Set dressing: Bart van Merode

Hair & make up: Carlos Saidel, Eva van Agerbeek @ House of Orange

Graphic Design: Laurens Borsboom